To make a Venmo Donation or Payment:

Username: @PetoskeyBand-Boosters



1. Login to your Venmo App

2. Tap "Pay or Request"

3. Search for @PetoskeyBand-Boosters

4. Indicate details such as "Steel Drum Band Donation" or "Band Donation" or "Payment for Jane Doe's Chicago Trip", etc.

5. Submit Donation or Payment. Thank you for your support!



We LOVE Venmo as a payment option! It's made thing so easy! HOWEVER... if you have your Credit Card connected to your Venmo account, Venmo charges an extra 3% to US (unless you click the check box to take on the fee yourself).

What's wrong with this?

It doesn't seem like much, but it all adds up very quickly. If you pay us $20 for something, we are actually only getting $19.40. That doesn't seem too bad! But when we receive $19.40 instead of the full $20 from 100 students... the band is having to makeup $60! Imagine what those numbers look like when larger payments are happening! 

How can you avoid this?

Connect your debit card or your bank account directly to Venmo. The transaction is free in these two situations. If you need to use a credit card to make a payment, please contact Melissa McGeehan ( and she can manually run your credit card payment for you... skipping Venmo altogether.