8th Grade Band Trip to Chicago information:


Chicago Parent Letter 2019


Payment Schedule:

Sept. 20th - $225 Deposit

Nov. 8th - $150 (any cancellations after Nov. 8th will incur a $50 penalty).

Jan. 10th - $150 (any cancellations after Jan. 10th will incur a $150 penalty).

March 13th - $200-Final Payment Due (any cancellations after March 13th will incur a $250 penalty).

Any cancelations after April 8th will incur a $350 penalty

No refunds after May April 29th

Upcoming Events

Attention All Bands!

(Middle & High School)

Band Boosters Meeting: All are welcome! Now at the Middle School Band Room (Thursday, March 12, 2020 @ 6-7pm)


6th Grade Letter

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Oleson's Receipts

Oleson's Receipts How To


  1. Stacks of 25 so the bottoms of the receipts are even. 
  2. Only ONE staple per bundle located on the left about 1" from the bottom. 
  3. Total the community shared points (at the bottom of the receipt) and write it on the bottom of each bundle.
  4. Write student’s name (and grade) on the bottom of each bundle. 
  5. There should be only about 5-10 bundles at a time.
  6. PLEASE do not send in large quantities (boxes or bags) only once a year.  It's preferred to have fewer bundles more frequently.
  7. Receipts can be turned in to Patrick Ryan
  8. Receipts do not expire.