Band Camp

This information was sent out via email on July 1, 2020. If you did not receive the email, please be sure to fill out this form to be added to our email list.

Please click here and read through the letter that was emailed out on July 1. It includes details on dates, times, payment, etc.


You will need 5 main items to attend Band Camp this year:

1. Payment of $250 (See this letter, also linked above, for payment details including our new VENMO payment!)

2. Band Camp Registration digital form filled out (click the link here to fill out.)

3. COVID-19 Adult Waiver (print and turn in)

4. COVID-19 Student Waiver (print and turn in)

5. Band Permission Slip for the 2020-2021 Year (print and turn in)

COVID-19 Safety Update:

As I'm sure you could imagine, the directors have had many conversations about how our protections/precautions will be during both sectionals and the actual band camp this year.

Currently, these are the precautions that we will be practicing during sectionals:

We have a digital health screening questionnaire that each student is required to fill out before entering the practice area each day (they would need to use either their own phone or their parents' phone to fill it out, preventing the use of any shared pens, forms, clipboards, or tables). If any of those questions are answered yes, or their temp is higher than 100.4 then they are not to enter.

We will be practicing the 6 feet social distancing rule.  Masks will be required until they have found their practice space and it's time to play their instrument.

We are following the MHSAA guidelines. A more detailed written plan will be shared here soon specifically for Band.

Beyond that, we are still in discussion with administration about how best to move forward with topics such as breaks in between rehearsals when kids will want to socialize and cool down while getting something to drink and snack on during camp. We will keep you informed as time gets closer to the start of Band Camp and will officially give you all of the information at the Parent Meeting on July 27 @ 6pm. You are welcome to turn in your COVID waiver forms then if you like. 

Keep checking back here and your email for more updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.