Band Camp

New to High School Marching Band or Freshman?

Soon, there will be a link here to serve as a "one stop shop" for everything you need to know about Marching Band Season!

Required Band Camp Parent Meeting (Wednesday, July 19, 2023 @ 6pm)

If you were not able to make it to the meeting, here are the two main things that we checked for at the meeting:

1. Payment of $450 (See this letter, for payment details including VENMO!)

2. Band Camp Registration digital form filled out (click the link here to fill out.) If you are not able to fill it out before hand, we will have a computer there for you to use.


We have been sending a few emails already this summer about Band Camp. If you have not received these emails, please let us know! (

Band Camp Snack and Water Donations!

We need snacks and water to keep our kiddos hydrated and healthy! Here is a signup link to let us know who's bringing what! 

Volunteers for the Marching Band Season

It certainly takes a village to make this program run! There will be a signup genius link here soon to check out the opportunities to help support the band program. We will be in immediate need of people to help with uniform fitting. If you are interested, please reach out to Carol VanHoosier at 231-330-4150!

Marching Band T-shirt Ordering for Parents and Friends of the Band Program:

Once we have the online store ready to go, we'll send out an email and put the link here!


Band Camp Q&A

Snacks Donations Question: Can you clarify....are you looking for INDIVIDUAL portions, pre-wrapped? For example, if I sign up for much would constitute one slot? If signing up for salty big ol' bag of chips for one slot or a large box of individual bags to count as one slot??

Answer: We are not necessarily looking for individual portions for Band Camp snacks. For example, you could send a bag of baby carrots and that would be just fine because we put them in a bowl or on a tray and kids can serve themselves. If you were to send a bag of pre-popped popcorn, we would pour those into cups or coffee filters to serve to the kiddos. As far as "slots" on the sign up, we are pretty loose as far as what counts as a "slot". If you sign up for one "slot" but bring 4 boxes of granola bars, that's great!