Scrip Program

Currently, our Scrip program is the hot topic! Scrip allows you to spend the money that you would already be spending on everyday shopping, gift giving, and gift cards, but gives an added bonus of saving a percentage for you to use towards your band students' trips and camp! See the flyer below for more details!

Band Scrip Flyer


  1. Stacks of 25 so the bottoms of the receipts are even.
  2.  Only ONE staple per bundle located on the left about 1" from the bottom.
  3.  Total the community shared points (at the bottom of the receipt) and write it on the bottom of each bundle.
  4.  Write student’s name (and grade) on the bottom of each bundle.
  5.  There should be only about 5-10 bundles at a time.
  6.  PLEASE do not send in large quantities (boxes or bags) only once a year. It's preferred to have fewer bundles more frequently.
  7.  Receipts can be turned in to Patrick Ryan THANK YOU!